thumbnail_whitepaper_layer3_attached_servers.pngThe Apstra Operating System (AOS) Layer 3 Attached Services 

By Sean Hafeez

Director of Sales, Apstra, Inc. 

In this brief we explore the benefits provided by the power of containers as part of an end-to-end sever-to-spine BGP routing fabric, combined with the power of the Apstra Operating System (AOS) to design, deploy, and operate such a system at scale.

Some of the many advantages of L3 attached servers covered in this paper include:

  • Fabric scale is limited only by device size.
  • Redundancy is a natural function of routing.
  • It is simple to provide hitless failover as well as drain and un-drain end /32s.
  • The BGP protocol is a standard that is supported across all the vendors.

Read this white paper to understand the benefits of providing connectivity between hosts over the L3 fabric.

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