Apstra AOS Reference Design with VMware NSX-T
Technical White Paper  

White Paper Apstra AOS Reference Design with VMware NSX-T

A must read for anyone using VMware NSX.  Apstra's tight integration with VMware enables administrators to quickly deploy and operate complex datacenter networks that are optimized to support NSX-T workloads. Apstra has embedded many best practices for a VMware environment to ensure that operators can deploy and manage these networks without large investments of time and money.

These reference designs can be rapidly instantiated in minutes, enabling faster time to market and lower operational costs without sacrificing reliability or performance.  According to our customers, Apstra helps them:

  • Reduce OpEx by 83%
  • Improve Deployment Efficiencies by 99%
  • Mitigate Application Impacting Outages by 56%

Download this new paper to learn how Apstra’s brings tremendous value to VMware NSX-T environments.

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