Apstra with VMware NSX-T revolutionizes designing, building and operating data centers 

White Paper Apstra AOS Reference Design with VMware NSX-T

Most modern enterprises use VMware for virtualization and application hosting. If you are one of them, this paper is a must-read. 

Download this paper and learn how Apstra can:

  • Reduce your operating expenses by 83%
  • Improve deployment efficiency by 99%
  • Reduce outages by 56%

Data center network deployment is painful. It’s time intensive. It’s expensive. Apstra simplifies and accelerates the process, optimizing your VMware NSX-T workloads while saving time and money. And Apstra’s design naturally complements and tightly integrates with VMware:

  • Simplify by abstracting the physical network into a single entity that is managed from a single point.
  • Quickly deploy and operate complex datacenter networks optimized to support NSX-T workloads.
  • Free yourself. Apstra automatically follows embedded best practices and standards for a VMware environment.

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