Top 3 Reasons Enterprises are Automating their Data Center Networks

Elliott Castillo NEW NEWJanuary 29 at 10am PST
Elliott Castillo, Solutions Architect
Companies are embarking on digital transformation initiatives in order to better compete in our complex global economy. Customer consumption methods and habits are changing at a faster pace than ever before. The business applications and products that keep companies running rely on the data center infrastructure that hosts them. So they can only grow as fast as their infrastructure allows. There is no doubt that keeping pace with this desired exponential growth requires automation. But why?
Join us January 29 and we'll discuss the top 3 reasons enterprises are implementing data center network automation 
  • Cost reductions through simplification
  • Up-skilling their workforce to facilitate innovation
  • Decreasing time to market to stay competitive
We'll explore why you should be automating your data center infrastructure and how 'doing automation right' can impact your business. We'll detail how to avoid common obstacles as well as the long-term benefits to you, your workforce, your customers and your partner ecosystem that you can achieve with data center network automation.
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An Exploration of Data Center Network Automation Techniques

February 27 at 9am PST
Robert Lancaster, Solutions Architect
There is no denying that automation is the way forward in networking.  And there is certainly no shortage of approaches from which to choose.  In this webinar, Robert Lancaster, Solutions Architect, will discuss some of these approaches and provide a useful comparison of their advantages and disadvantages.  The session will conclude with a description of the innovative approach available with Apstra AOS.  This is an approach that enables network teams to build and operate data centers in manners not previously possible.
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