Comparing and Contrasting Cisco ACI and Apstra for Data 


Center Management

DJ Spry, Director Customer Engineering
Join us: November 20, 2019 at 10am PT 

Data center's are incredibly complex and expensive to operate, network outages are still too frequent, and it's getting harder every day to hire the right talent. Data center network managers, engineers, and operators are dealing with so much more than the underlying hardware, yet for many, data center management still means managing the underlying hardware with an integrated overlay with software-defined networking solutions like Cisco ACI. While this approach has been a sufficient solution for Cisco shops, it's limiting.

In this webinar, we'll compare and contrast Cisco ACI's hardware-centric approach to Apstra's Intent-Based Networking methodology. We'll show you how Apstra's approach to data center infrastructure management reduces the cost of operations, prevent network outages, accelerate time to deployment by augmenting your talent through simplifying your IT infrastructure consumption. Apstra's Intent-Based Networking approach helps you with data center network design, operations, troubleshooting, and security so that applications will run reliability reliably across the data center network.

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Network Monitoring Best Practices: Network Management Systems, Intent-Based Networking, or Both?

Rags Rachamadugu, Head of Advanced Solutions Engineeringheadshot_rags_200x200
Join us: Dec 4, 2019 at 10am PT 

Network Monitoring Best Practices. Intent-Based Networking, Network Management Systems, or Both? 
Intent-Based Networking represents the best operational model for managing the full lifecycle of a network including monitoring, troubleshooting, root cause identification and remediation. However, often enterprises use Network Management Systems tools like SolarWinds, SevOne, NetScout and others to monitor the broader infrastructure.

The question is where does Intent-Based Networking and Network Management Systems meet, if at all. In this 30-minute webinar we will examine different use cases and how these tools can complement each other to bring the best of both worlds.

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