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  • Awnix needed to deliver a customized, secure on-premise cloud as a managed service for a Tier 1 service provider supporting critical internal and external customer workloads. This turnkey platform hosts diverse workloads such as Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, and cyber security threat profiling.
  • Enable the service provider to onboard workloads as easy as with public clouds, with lower TCO, and better IT productivity.
  • Provide delegated control so that user projects can be managed by the project administrators, with configuration change traceability and alerts to minimize time to problem resolution.
  • Manage and control the data center network centrally, prevent unauthorized access, log changes, continuously monitor and alert, and eliminate manual, error-prone configuration through automation.


The service provider’s requirements included the capability to handle diverse user needs, with the ability to quickly scale the system to meet the needs of future production workloads, such as municipal sensor IoT networks and connected vehicles with millions of rows and multi-hundred gigabit per second throughput. Many of these applications will be subject to regulatory controls, cyber threat protection, and stringent up time requirements, where outages have severe impact to the service provider’s bottom line.

Maintaining operational visibility and having a single source of truth for auditing and control was critical. Awnix also wanted to ensure a solution for the service provider that would not require many one-off products which only partially met their needs or required many feature licenses, all while keeping cost in check.


  • Apstra AOS® Multi-Vendor Intent-Based Networking turn-key and extensible software
  • Awnix ARC (Advanced Rival Cloud) turn-key Cloud platform for VMs and K8S
  • Dell EMC Z9100 100GbE Open Networking fabric switches
  • OpenSwitch OPX Network Operating System Business


Benefits and Results:

The Awnix, Dell EMC, Apstra solution provides a cloud platform that meets the needs of both internal and external users. The solution includes the features and ease of use desired by the service provider, while increasing control, auditability, security, and ease of management. The outcome is lower cost—beyond what is available from public cloud service providers or proprietary on-premise alternatives.

The solution is comprised of the Awnix ARC cloud platform, Dell EMC’s state-of-the-art 100GbE Z9100 switches at top-of-rack in a layer-3 Clos design, automated and operated by Apstra AOS. The combined technologies leapfrog 40GbE to provide 200Gb/s of bandwidth to each cloud hypervisor with each Z9100 capable of up to 6.4Tb/s non-blocking switching I/O, ensuring plenty of bandwidth is remaining at 100s of Gb/s to Tb/s of available bandwidth for East-West and uplink traffic.

As IoT services such as Smart Cites, Smart Cars — and a mul tude of others – transition from the early adopter phase to pervasive use, the ability to scale not only the virtual servers and containers quickly and easily, but also to scale the physical network while maintaining control of configuration, complexity, and cost, is critical to the success of the companies or government agencies that will manage or consume these services today, and far into the future.

The state of the art 100 Gigabit Ethernet fabric provides high bandwidth and low latency networking for today and into the future, enabled by the breakthrough price point of the Dell EMC Z9100 fabric switch, and OpenSwitch OPX so ware.