Company: Large Multinational Energy Enterprise

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Fortune 500 business focused on exploration, production, manufacturing, transport and power generation, with operations in 175+ countries. This organization turned to Intent-Based Data Center Automation to support their data center refresh initiative, with the goal of achieving application reliability.   

Industry: Energy

Apstra Use Cases:

  • Private Data Center
  • Edge Compute
  • Colocation
  • Intent-Based Networking
  • Intent-Based Design

Solution: Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation


  • Managing many large data centers
  • Colocation data center and edge compute expansion
  • Unable to hire network engineers near data centers
  • Issues with hardware vendor management system
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Business Impact and Results:

  • Scalable full lifecycle automation and agility
  • Multi-cloud policy
  • MTTI to 0 and agility
  • Network switch supplier agnostic lowering CapEx