Company: Mid-Size Financial Services Institution

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A business with a diverse collection of brilliant and talented individuals committed to giving patrons and operators alike a premium experience. This company conducts high-volume processing, transactional security and analytics, and has a large number of distributed endpoints. The networking team was tasked with increasing the reliability of services, simplifying data center network implementations, and automating operations to continue to ensure they deliver on their customer commitment to quality, innovation and service.

Industry: Financial Services

Apstra Use Cases:
  • Private Data Center
  • Intent-Based Networking
  • Intent-Based Design

Solution: Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation


  • Difficulty staffing network team at multiple sites
  • Shortage of skill sets
  • Complexity involved in operating a system by managing individual components or devices
  • Heterogeneous multi-vendor implementation, which compounded the complexity: Dell Compute, Dell EMC Storage, Cisco
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Business Impact and Results:
  • Significantly reduced operating costs
  • Network engineers centrally located and more strategic
  • Complete vendor-agnostic lifecycle management focused on the delivered services
  • Ability to manage the heterogeneous, multi-vendor infrastructure as one system
  • Leverage advanced automation technologies to manage operations
  • Prepared for full self-operating data center