Company: Fortune 500 Services Company

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Fortune 500 company that helps people connect in meaningful ways every day, innovating to improve lives with one of the best networks. 

Industry: Services

Apstra Use Cases:

  • Private Data Center
  • OpenStack Hybrid Cloud
  • Intent-Based Networking

Solution: Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation


  • Massively lower TCO (CapEx and OpEx) to deliver profitable, and competitive cloud services
  • Maintain operational visibility
  • Improve network management, automation and control
  • Have a single source of truth for auditing and control
  • Ability to add new physical network devices to accommodate future growth
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Business Impact and Results:

  • Massive reduction in TCO (CapEx and OpEx)
  • Increased control, auditability and security
  • Ease of management with ability to scale virtual servers, containers and physical network quickly
  • Automation of the entire lifecycle of network services