Customer Case Study: Yahoo Japan CorporationCase Study - Yahoo Japan deploys Apstra

Yahoo Japan Corporation required a new data center network infrastructure and more efficient network operations to support their big data requirements and massive growth in network traffic.

The company evaluated many options including proprietary offerings from large established vendors and Do it Yourself (DIY) approaches deployed by hyperscale companies. This case study addresses how the company applied the same design, software, hardware and chip principles and selections as a hyperscale provider, but selected Apstra for automation software.

Download this in-depth case study that shows how Yahoo Japan Corporation is implementing a multi-vendor intent-based networking system in production today, and how they got here.



Customer Quotes:

"There is no real alternative to AOS in the market."

“Apstra’s feature velocity is unmatched, and a huge differentiator.”

“We tell AOS what we want to happen vs. doing it ourselves.”

“AOS allows us to quickly automate, streamline, and replicate the building
and operation of our Clos network fabric.”

“Apstra offers the only multi-vendor offering that matched our needs as we deploy network equipment from different vendors including white box products.”