Challenge: Most network admins manually track and verify thousands of elements, even for a small spine-leaf network with a handful of devices. Data_sheet_Apstra_3.1_VMware_NSX_thumbnail

Solution: Apstra AOS Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center is turn-key software that helps networking teams manage data center networks as a cohesive system. Data center network teams can now design, deploy, and operate a spine-leaf network in days, rather than in months, including racking, stacking, cabling and validating all design intent is met in real-time. Resulting in over 80% savings in OpEx. 

With the latest Apstra release you get:

  • Simplified Intent-Based Network Design and Operations
  • VMware NSX Integration
  • Enhanced Multidomain Unified Group-Based Policy
    • Assisted Remediation 
    • Zero Touch Provisioning - Reference Implementation
    • Cabling/Neighbor Discovery and Override
    • Enhanced Visualization and Telemetry Management
    • 5 Stage Clos IP Fabric Enhancements


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