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Intent-Based Networking for DummiesSpecific topics include:

  • The fundamental characteristics of intent-based networking
  • Planning for a successful intent-based networking architecture
  • Extracting actionable insights with intent-based analytics
  • The importance of continual automation & validation in operations
  • How to rapidly deploy complex architectures and ensure their success beyond the implementation phase
  • How to successfully automate the design, implementation, and operations with intent-based networking.
About Jeff Doyle

jeff-doyle-squareJeff Doyle has more than 30 years of experience specializing in IBN, IP routing protocols, complex BGP policy, SDN/NFV, and data center fabrics, Doyle has designed or assisted in the design of large-scale IP and IPv6 service provider networks in 26 countries over six continents. Doyle has served as the go-to author for software-defined networking, penning books such as CCIE Professional Development: Routing TCP/IP, Volumes I and II; OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks; and Software-DefinedSoftware Defined Networking: Anatomy of OpenFlow.


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