Move to Modern L3 Fabric While Supporting Legacy L2 Workloads


As a network engineer, you need to move to modern L3 fabric for agility and scale, but are held back by many L2 workloads (virtual or physical). You need to easily stretch your L2 segments across the fabric using VXLAN, but are stuck with three options to manage (design, implement, operate) L2 workloads on a physical IP fabric (underlay):

  1. Manual, without using a SDN controller
  2. OVSDB, using a SDN controller (e.g. Cisco ACI, VMware NSX or Juniper Contrail)
  3. Ethernet VPN (EVPN), using vendor-specific control plane technology to allow hosts (bare-metal and VMs) to be placed anywhere in a network, and connected to the same logical L2 overlay network.

This feature brief will show you how you can move to a modern L3 Fabric while supporting legacy L2 workloads.