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We give you all the tools you need to experience the benefits of Apstra AOS. Along with your evaluation environment, you'll get guided scenarios walking you through how network architects and operations teams use Apstra for all aspects of network lifecycle management. Guided scenarios include:


  • Design - Create your network with Apstra AOS proprietary design wizard.
  • Build - Build out a sample network using Apstra AOS. And see how Apstra AOS automatically builds out the network, and verifies cabling and device functionality before activating IP forwarding
  • Deploy - Push changes, additions live, enable tenant traffic, drain traffic, perform maintenance in a fraction of the time, without errors.
  • Operate and Validate - Get a taste of how powerful Apstra's intent-based analytics are for ongoing operations. Ensuring reliability, faster troubleshooting and change management.  Quickly and easily set up custom probes and monitor your environment to ensure that the network is functioning as you originally intended. 


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