Cloud Network Automation Trends Driving Top Company Goals

The boom in cloud applications and services has put more pressure on networks to perform without failure. This means the operators of major networks, including communications service providers (CSPs), cloud operators, and web-scale enterprise operators, must find new solutions to automate their networks. The Futurium Networking Automation survey reveals the results of 91 network operators at cloud services, webscale enterprise, and SaaS companies. Digital business initiatives will struggle unless CIOs and business leaders change the way they think about networking.

Read this report, sponsored by Apstra, to learn about in-depth survey results and key cloud trends impacting network automation, including:

  • 74% chose improve network security, faster service delivery and increased revenue as the top three goals
  • 65% emphasized improved ability to support dynamic/on-demand services
  • More than 40% highlighted reduced OpEx through increased productivity


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