Apstra Puts the Easy in EVPN

Businesses running their data center networking business-critical infrastructure in a multi-vendor environment face a myriad of challenges around protocols. At scale, EVPN is incredibly complex. Apstra AOS, with new support for EVPN, simplifies the automated network experience in a multi-vendor data center. Hear from Apstra experts how to implement EVPN in minutes.

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by Jonathan Garzon
Head of Product Management

 Jonathan Garzon, Head of Product Management at Apstra


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Presented by Sean Hafeez
Technical Sales Director, APAC
  Sean - Technical Sales Director, APAC


Apstra Puts the Easy in EVPN

Carly Stoughton
Head of Technical Marketing
 Carly Stoughton, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Apstra


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by Mansour Karam
CEO and Founder
 Mansour Karam, CEO and Founder