Apstra AOS Overview

Apstra AOS is a complex technology that allows for intent-based networking to be made simple. Get a good picture of this architecture through a whiteboard session and discussion.

Presented by Carly Stouhgton, Head of Technical Marketing at at Networking Field Day 19 in Menlo Park, CA on November 7, 2018.

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NFD 19: Apstra Executive Overview

by Mansour Karam
Founder and CEO

 Mansour Karam - Founder and CEO of Apstra


NFD 19: Multi-Vendor EVPN Demonstration

DJ Spry
Technical Account Manager
 DJ Spry - Technical Account Manager


NFD 19: Intent-Based Analytics (IBA) Demonstration

Presented by Rags Rachamadugu
Head of Advanced Solutions Engineering
 Rags Rachamadugu - Head of Advanced Solutions Engineering at Apstra

White Paper:

Understanding Intent-Based Analytics (IBA) in Apstra Operating System (AOS): A Technical Deep Dive

 Mansour Karam, CEO and Founder