White Paper: Intent-Based Analytics

Understanding More by Doing Less: Apstra Intent-Based Analytics

Apstra’s Intent-Based Analytics allows you to gain more knowledge of user infrastructure, by collecting and storing less data. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s all made possible with intent.

Intent means, essentially, what you are trying to achieve. Apstra Intent-Based Analytics works by allowing you to use quality information (patterns you know or expect), made available to you through intent (what you are trying to achieve) and reference design (how you are going to achieve it).

Intent gives you the ability to gather the right knowledge, rather than all of the knowledge, from user infrastructure.

The right knowledge leads to actionable insights. Apstra’s Intent-Based Analytics uses intent to find the right knowledge and data to identify conditions with significant semantic value (in other words, insights).

The insights you gain from Apstra’s Intent-Based Analytics help you chart user infrastructure efficiently, controlling costs so you can focus on solutions.