Costs directly attributable to network and service operations currently amount to almost 30 cents of every revenue dollar, while CapEx represent only 17 to 20 cents.  Investing in service lifecycle process automation can reduce OpEx costs by about 7 cents — 37% of the total CapEx budget today.  According to studies by CIMI Corporation’s Tom Nolle, that offers a return on investment that’s 25 to 40 or more times than offered by transforming infrastructure to SDN and NFV. 

This in-depth white paper explains how service providers are capitalizing on Intent-Based Networking — a new and effective networking model that provides a way of abstracting an application, feature, network, or resource in such a way that the intent is exposed, but the implementation is hidden. 

Discover the next-generation autonomous networking technology that is designed from top to bottom for the present and the future.

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