thumbnail_whitepaper_evpn_implementation_200x260Businesses running their data center networking business-critical infrastructure with an EVPN implementation are confronted with several challenges, leading to slower adoption and maturity of the technology than the benefits promise.

A multi-vendor data center environment faces design and protocol incompatibilities between different vendors’ EVPN implementations. This complicates achieving a solid configuration and stable EVPN network. Specific EVPN challenges include:

  • Multi-vendor and cross-vendor implementation incompatibilities
  • Configuration complexity at scale: requiring many lines of configuration on every switch
  • Operational complexity: extremely hard to configure and troubleshoot
  • Monitoring/telemetry: needs day1 and day2 analytics to provide a comprehensive view of the entire network

After you read this white paper you'll understand how automation of data center operations across the lifecycle of the network — from the design/build phase, through the configuration and deployment/operate phases — can ease implementation difficulties so that your network can unlock the routing, multi-tenancy and scalability benefits that EVPN technology offers.

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