White Paper: Network Automation: Should you Build-it-Yourself or Buy a Turn‑key Solution?

Digital Transformation

Organizations of all sizes are currently undergoing a business and cultural metamorphosis. Companies need to rapidly move from legacy architectures and siloed organizational structures to more digitally driven and agile operations to meet new and ever-changing customer demands. Whether it is an organization’s need to re-invent their entire business model, in the case of Netflix, or to, solely leverage technology to improve and streamline aspects of current operations, you need to evolve to survive.

This digital transformation era is impacting every part of your business. To remain relevant and competitive, CEOs and CIOs are looking to improve every aspect of how the company operates.

Demand for Network Automation

To meet these digital demands, organizations are adopting new technology at a pace never seen before. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), agile operations, cloudnative container applications, data analytics, IoT, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming frequent discussions2 among networking and operations teams. Whether it involves IoT, big data, or ML, these technologies will only work at the speed of your network.

According to an analysis of technology investment data by Deloitte LLP’s U.S. CIO Program, “overall, CIOs report the majority of their technology budgets are allocated to support business operations (57%), compared with only 26% to fund incremental business change and 16% to bolster innovation.

Intelligent companies are therefore looking to gain substantial efficiencies and competitive advantages through network automation. Recent data suggests this investment is a wise decision.

Companies who adopt modernized data center technologies and automated process that are easy to deploy4 achieve the following results:


  • 15X faster infrastructure deployment and 20X faster application provisioning
  • 22x more likely to get new products and services to market ahead of the competition
  • 2X as likely to exceed their revenue goals

It’s clear that existing methods of data center operations and management are grossly inefficient – and utilizing modern automated solutions give companies an immense boost in agility, revenue, and significant competitive advantages.