PACKET PUSHERS White Paper: Solving Data Center Pain Points With Intent-Based Networking 

Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                                                                   1
A Brief Overview Of IBN and Apstra AOS                                                                          2                                                            
I. Understanding Intent-Based Networking
II. Core Apstra AOS Components
III. Reference Designs 
IV. Stateful Orchestration and Intent-Based Analytics 
V. Closed-Loop Validation
The Big Five Data Center Challenges                                                                                 6
I. Resource Constraints 
II. Lack of Agility
III. Poor Reliability
IV. Slow Deployments
V. Lack Of Infrastructure Choice 
How IBN Resolves Pain Points                                                                                           8
I. Efficient Use of Resources
II. Increased Agility 
III. Reliability
IV. Faster Deployment  
V. Greater Infrastructure Flexibility
Conclusion                                                                                                                           11


Data center networks are complex beasts. Network engineers approach data center operations and management with caution because even the smallest change can result in unintended outcomes, including performance degradation, security holes, policy violations, and downtime.

Organizations often make changes manually, device by device. This approach slows down the deployment of new applications and hampers agility. It can also create new problems by increasing the likelihood of human error through misconfiguration or keyboarding mistakes. And basic automation techniques such as scripting lack formal validation, which can compound human error.

Intent-based networking (IBN) revolutionizes how data center networks are designed and operated. By aligning business intent with automation and validation that encompasses the full life cycle of data center operations, IBN eliminates the staggering complexity of operating a network. In particular, IBN resolves persistent data center pain points, including, but not limited to:

    1. Resource constraints
    2. Lack of agility
    3. Poor reliability
    4. Slow deployment and troubleshooting
    5. Lack of infrastructure choice

Apstra’s AOS is an IBN solution that enables data center architects and operators to automate and validate network design and implementation from Day 0 through Day 2 while managing changes quickly and reliably to keep pace with new application and business demands.

Apstra AOS continuously monitors the current operational state of the network, compares it against a single source of truth, and compares the current operational state against the intended state. It also addresses problems and gathers accurate, actionable information to speed troubleshooting. 1 of 11 ©2020 Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC. All rights reserved Solving Data Center Pain Points With Intent-Based Networking This white paper provides a brief overview of IBN and Apstra AOS. It also discusses five major data center challenges and explains how Apstra’s solution resolves those challenges for network architects and engineers.

A Brief Overview of IBN and Apstra AOS